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About Animal Health Data

The Animal Health Data (AHD) system is an online industry benchmarking and feedlot health and production analysis system used by feedlots.

AHD has been collecting and benchmarking feedlot data for more than 10 years. There are more than 15 million individual animal health and performance records covering from feedlot induction through to carcase grading. At any point in time there is in the order of 750,000 head of cattle on feed that are being benchmarked by the AHD system.

The AHD system works by importing data files from feedlots and where authorised grading data from the MSA program, slaughter feedback data files and disease and defect data files from processing plants.

This collection of data allows the AHD system to conduct analysis that generates reporting covering:

  • Feedlot health performance and benchmarking.
  • Feedlot production performance and benchmarking.
  • Vendor health and production performance and benchmarking (feedlot, slaughter and whole of life).
  • Processing plant yield, offal loss and grading performance and benchmarking.


Animal Health Data will not at any time, use or attempt to use any feedlot provided data in any manner which may cause injury or loss to the feedlot or in any manner other than that in which it was intended by the AHD provided service.

The ownership of all supplied data remains with the entity that originally supplied the data.

Animal Health Data will take all such reasonable precautions as are necessary, to maintain the confidentiality of the feedlot provided data to prevent its disclosure directly or indirectly to any person, other than in accordance with this service.

The supplied data used for benchmarking is deidentified and aggregated by Animal Health Data before inclusion in benchmark reporting.

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Registration and Authorisation forms

For feedlots to participant in the Animal Health Data (AHD) industry benchmarking there is a need to obtain authorisation from the feedlots allow access by AHD of the MSA data, NLIS data and slaughter data on behalf of the feedlots.

To participant in using the Animal Health Data (AHD) industry benchmarking system please complete the below AHD registration form, MSA authorisation form, NLIS authorisation form and Slaughter/ chiller assessment data authorisation form(s).

AHD Use Of Feedlot Data Form [PDF] [Word]
AHD Registration Form [PDF] [Word]
MSA Authorisation Form [PDF] [Word]
NLIS Authorisation Form [PDF] [Word]

On completion of each form an email with be sent to the email address enter on the forms. You may need to complete the 'Slaughter/ chiller assessment data authorisation form' for each processing plant where you send livestock.